The project partnership gathered for its Third Transnational Project Meeting in Athens, Greece. The meeting was held on 30 October 2021 in a spirit of friendship and joy. The venue of the meeting was  Athens Cypria Hotel, and all project partners participated (only Ioana from Romania was present online, due to the pandemic restrictions).

As per the proposed Agenda, the meeting was opened in 10.30, after arrival of all participants. The meeting was following the agenda, sent to the project partnership, as following:

(10.30 – 12.30) Morning session:

– Updates of project activities.

– Analytical work and completion of the analysis questionnaires

– Discussion

(13.30 – 16.30) Afternoon session:

– E-learning platform – features and tools

– Practical aspects of the e-learning platform and upload of educational resources

– Follow up and plan

The project coordinator has made a review of the activities state of play of the project activities. The presentation of the current activates state of play was followed by a discussion. The review and analysis work were fine-tuned trough the presentation of the information gathered by the questionnaire sent by the leading team from Bulgaria. The partners were also informed about the methodology for the collection and systematization of the gathered information through an excel table, where each partner will insert their information. A shared space on Google Drive was created and shared with all.

The e-learning platform tools and features were presented by Alex. The partnership also voted for the logo – Variant 5 – to represent the online training platform. As the landing page of the platform was also created, Alex also explained the information inside –

A training was led to the partnership regarding the e-learning platform and features. Registration of user profiles and demonstration of the tools was practices among the partners. Some bugs were discovered during the training process:

  • The creation of a training course should be associated with the language version of the platform
  • Short description of the courses should be elaborated and translated into all project partner languages
  • Language translations of the course names should be provided from all
  • A bug reporting from will be created by Alex and delivered to the partners

Follow up to the meeting was proposed, as following:

  1. Terms of references for input to creation and upload of OERs into the e-learning platform
  2. The next TPM will be held in the period 1-3 April 2022 in Romania.
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