The beautiful city of Split have welcomed the project partners to the 4th transnational project meeting. Out kind hosts – Culture Hub Croatia – have organized a fruitful meeting in their cultural center PROSTOR. All project partners were present to the meeting. Before the start of the formal partner meeting, video shooting was arranged by the project coordinator Event Production and the project partners Culture Hub Croatia. They have told the story of development of their cultural center, and have focused on the implementation of their specific project, initiatives and activities. The partners have agreed that the video recordings will be processed and discussed with the team of Culture Hub Croatia, and the recordings will be further used for the purposes of the video tutorials in the category ‘Creative’. The hosts have walked the participants in the TPM around their space – the cultural center PROSTOR, and have presented their cultural, educational and exhibition activities. At the moment, there is an exhibition with projects of young architects. The task is: architectural solution of a certain undeveloped area. The goal is to express an original vision for such a solution.

After the video shooting session, the official TPM has started, as per the proposed agenda:

– Updates of project activities.

– Review of the first draft of OERs, Categories “Sound”, „Light“ and “Multimedia”

– Review of the pilot video Tutorials, Categories “Sound” and „Light“

– Discussion

– Structuring of the categories in the online platform, and upload of the educational resources – lacking texts, debugging, additional translations, glossary

– Partners’ input to the OERs and tutorials translation of subtitles.

– Follow up and plan

The project coordinator made a presentation about the project progress. The activities, which are finalized are:

  1. Reviewed and analysed existing educational resources – ready.
  2. Methodology for coherence and transfer of knowledge and Assignment for OERs and software – ready
  3. Adult learners and trainers software toolset – ready

In a process of development is the contend of the online training database, including the OERs and the video tutorials.

The activities which need to start and get organized in the following months are the intensive dissemination campaigns, as well as the setting up of the European network for audio-visual and creative sectors.

Video Tutorials

The most challenging part of the project appeared the development of the video tutorials, as part of the open educational resources of the Creative Hub platform. The reasons for that is the complicated organization of all teams, participating on the development of the scenarios, the organization of the shooting and the experts, and engineers participating as tutors. Another key point is the translation of the subtitle, which appeared to be time consuming activity. However, the team who is organizing the shooting at the National Palace of Culture has already developed about 1/4 of the necessary video material, which are available at the You Tube channel of the Creative Hub –

Open educational resources

The development of the OERs is much more completed. The partners, with the support of the IT developer, have clarified their questions about the working with the system, and have uploaded and rearranged the content in their respective languages. It was agreed that after the upload and arrangement of the Glossaries in English, all other partners will do it in the same style.

European Network

The coordinator has presented the idea of setting up an European network. There will be an open space where all partners ideas and proposals will be shared and integrated into the statute of the new organization. The coordinated proposed the following start of the ideas sharing:

Objectives of the network

              Ensure sustainability of project results

              Provide cross-border expertise

              Fundraise for upgrading of the results

              Provide training

Members in the network:

              Creative Hub Partnership

              Other stakeholders

Next TPM

The partnership agreed that the Fifth and final TPM will be held in Maribor, Slovenia and will be organized by out Koda Modro partners between 1-3 April 2023.

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