The development of the theoretical and written data-base of the Creative Hub will meet the need to gather all existing written materials within the project partnership educational resources. The database will be a focused source of training and self learning in the sphere of audio-visual and creative skills. It will consolidate and integrate any kinds of theoretical and written knowledge, such as: literature and textbooks; high-school and university lectures; lessons and courses; presentations and summaries; analysis and statistics; toolkits and guidelines; teachers books and training for trainers materials. The targeted skills will focus to the main professional fields of the AV and creative sector, such as:

  1. Sound: Sound Recorder, Sound Designer, Sound Manager, Sound Engineer
  2. Light: Light Designer, Lighting Manager
  3. Filming and live performance: Film Editor/ Video & Film Editor, Camera Operator, Mixing Manager, Production Assistant
  4. Creative: Artistic Director, Graphics designer, Multimedia specialist

The sources of the written materials will be the libraries of the partners and their available training materials, as well as the external stakeholders knowledge and learning resources – university lectures, books and external libraries. The written content will be an integrated part of the Creative Hub platform and will open the gathered knowledge publicly. These materials will also support the self-learning process and will support the upskilling of the adults, working in the AV and creative sectors. The written and theoretical content will be available on the Creative Hub platform and will be categorised according to the skills, professions, language availability and type of OER, and will precede the official launch of the e-learning platform.