The partnership is consisted of a total of seven partners from a total of five EU countries. The project participants are selected among other organisations across Europe, based on their cultural, innovative and educational background.

1. Event Production – Coordinator

Event Production Ltd. is a company, registered in 2007. It has a long history of providing training and services in the field of audio-video and live performance, which are provided in three ways: (1) servicing internal partnerships and (2) training of staff-own and partners, (3) implementation of outsourcing services towards external partners. The Event Production staff is lecturing and participating in all training activities of its partners, and developing digital and theoretical courses on different professional fields.
The outsourcing services are mainly linked with the provision of AV and LP services on demand. Event Production is providing a full range of audio and video services in the creation of creative solutions for various needs. The main productions, offered by the company include:
production of 3D animation and 3D visualizations
• professional video capture music and commercials
• audio and video post-production
• interactive audio and video media
• professional analog and digital multitrack recording of music
• composition and arrangement of music for films, commercials and performances
• production of TV & Radio commercials
• sound and multimedia presentations, seminars and corporate parties
• flashings movies, commercials, animation and video games
• making video presentations of companies and products
• development of video tutorials and e-learning materials
• audio mastering and video editing
• audio and video effects for films and commercials
• audio and video presentation materials
• audio solutions for TV shows, movies and cartoons

Event Production is owner of substantial professional technical equipment and a mobile studio, necessary for elaboration of the educational materials, as well as for the needs of shooting, streaming, and training.

2. National Palace of Culture – Partner

The National Palace of Culture is established in 1981 and has been the biggest cultural and conference center in the South-East Europe. There are 12 multifunctional halls with a capacity of 50 to 4000 seats. There are also 54 offices, small meeting rooms, 17,000 m² lounges suitable for exhibition spaces, 5 restaurants and catering companies located on the territory of the complex. The National Palace of Culture hosts over 300 events annually, including: international congresses, political forums, business conferences, scientific symposia, music and film festivals, concerts, dance performances, theater productions, exhibitions and exhibitions.

The National Palace of Culture is providing full conference service with professional preparation and conducting teams, own sound and lighting systems, simultaneous interpretation booths, video and sound recordings, stage equipment, decorations and exhibition constructions.

Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, with its nearly 4,000 comfortable places, is among the main halls for hosting concerts of visiting rock and pop stars, as well as big performances of theater, operetta and dance art. Here is the usual venue for anniversary and gala concerts of the popular Bulgarian pop singers and rock performers. Among the performing artists, hosted by the Palace, there are names such as José Carreras, Nigel Kennedy, Montserrat Caballe, Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull, Sting, Joe Cocker, Gary Moore, Steve Vai, TOTO and many others.

There are more than 1 million visitors in the NPC annually.

The Palace actively supports Bulgarian culture as an organizer and producer of its own festivals and events. The NPC is a producer of three annual festivals: „Salon of Arts“ in May, „Kinomania“ in November, „New Year’s Music Festival“ in December. The National Palace of Culture is responsible for financing, organizing, programming the content and the advertising campaign of the festivals. From 2015, the new project of the Palace – „Salon of the Galleries“ was launched. In partnership with cultural institutes, diplomatic missions and foundations participated in the Sofia Film Fest, Sofia Music Weeks, charity events, joint exhibitions and book premieres. In 2012 it is a co-organizer of the Sofia Dance Week and Sofia Architecture Week forums for modern art and urban environments. It is also a host of the Spring and Autumn International Book Fair and the B2B Exhibition „Stroyco“. The Palace are collaborating within an internal process of organisation and delivery of the NPC events, as well as in collaboration with external partners and outsourcing many activities, including: TV productions, mixing and sound, media realisations, IT solutions, training and upskilling of the staff.

3. Level H – Partner

Level H is a company for transfer of international experience and practices in the human resources management and human capital investments. Aiming to achieve an optimal management, administration and employee selection we apply a personal approach by providing a package of specialized services and individual consultations – targeting employers, employees and unemployed. Level H Ltd is a registered VET provider and a registered center for information and vocational guidance holding a License No. 201014006 issued by the Bulgarian National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

In the period 2010-2018 Level H Ltd has provided training and consultation services to over 2,700 unemployed persons, including:

  • Motivational training;
  • Vocational guidance and counseling;
  • Labor market mediation services;
  • Provision of internships and employment;
  • Setting up a workplace.

The organisation works with both large companies, and SMEs from all economic sectors. The company provides expert services, consulting services, human resources services, performs activities related to the implementation of programs, processes and technologies for managing the activities in the companies.

In addition, over 1500 new job opportunities are provided through specialized consultation of the companies in the following fields:

  • Sustainable employment;
  • Increasing labor productivity;
  • Creating new jobs through corporate growth.

Level H is an experienced actor and partner in developing and management of projects in the field of vocational education and training and providing support to vulnerable groups.

The company staff has more than 20 years of experience in project development and management. Their professional capacity covers successful development and management of more than 200 projects for companies, institutions, NGOs and public bodies, funded by different programs and donors.

As a partner in those projects Level H Ltd. is directly responsible for the implementation of activities:

  • Project organization, management and accountability;
  • Organize and conduct a procedure for selection of final beneficiaries – representatives of the target group for the project, registered unemployed;
  • Planning and organizing trainings;
  • Conducting vocational guidance and counseling training;
  • Intermediary services;
  • Ensuring employment and job placement.

4. Innovation Frontiers – Partner

Innovation Frontiers IKE is an innovative educational technology & research company whose main target is to develop new educational approaches through working in close cooperation with educational institutions, such as universities, schools, adult & vocational centers and educational oriented NGOs. Innovation Frontiers IKE believes that new generations grow up in a different world that requires new approaches to education. The company is exploring new ways of using modern technology and modern teaching methods to improve the lifelong learning environment and make learning more accessible and more fun.

The staff of Innovation Frontiers IKE consists of a combination of educators, psychologists, neuroscientists, graphic designers, artists, game designers and programmers. Combining technical expertise with pedagogic expertise is a strength that sets the company apart from most other companies in this field.

The company develops:

  • E-learning platforms
  • Open educational resources
  • Serious Games
  • Technology enhanced instruction
  • Mobile Apps
  • Educational animations

5. Asociatia Scoala Inovatiei – Partner

Asociatia Scoala Inovatiei (ASI) is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organisation.

Its main purpose is to promote, support, develop and use efficiently the human talent and capital to improve living conditions through the development of society in terms of economic, social, educational, cultural, sports, environmental, tourism and entrepreneurship.

The starting point in achieving its purpose is innovation and promoting best practices in lifelong teaching/learning/assessment process through national and transnational research and cooperation with training providers and other stakeholders.

The activities of ASI lead to the promotion, development and enhancement of creativity. ASI team is composed mainly of experienced teachers on formal, informal and non-formal education, volunteering work and was also engaged in various projects with European financing and not only.

6. Culture Hub Croatia – Partner

Culture Hub Croatia (CHC) is using education, culture and creativity for development of local Croatian communities through transmission of knowledge and European expertise and through promotion of art practices. The mission of the CHC is to act in three interconnected fields:

  • Education
  • Partner projects
  • Art and creativity

We consider cultural and creative sector as an important tool for development and cross-sectorial innovation. Our mission is to make Culture Hub Croatia a space for common dialogue and exchange of ideas among motivated, creative individuals who want to make a difference in their community by implementing various innovative interdisciplinary projects for the benefit of our target groups. We, as a platform, act as facilitators in making those ideas and projects come true through our collaboration and international networks.

Since its establishment, Culture Hub Croatia has been performing various activities that include development, creation, production, dissemination and preservation of goods and services which embody cultural, artistic or other creative expressions, as well as related functions such as education or management. Such activities are: talks, meet-ups and workshops for cultural professionals – by implementing these activities free of charge and accessible to everyone we are building a community. The main aim is learning from others and getting inspired from success stories in the creative sector. Through the pop-up events we discuss a specific subject related to culture and management to introduce new concepts and encourage participation. In this way we promote the work of artists, NGOs, social enterprises and show unconventional ways of working and thinking primarily to empower local youth.

7. Association for Arts and Audio-Visual Production KODA MODRO – Partner

Association for Arts and Audio-Visual Production KODA MODRO founded in Maribor, Slovenia is a platform for connecting artists, film makers and audio-visual contents creators on the international scale. Focusing in all fields of contemporary arts, performance, music, feature, documentary, animated films and audio-visual projects it implies various ways of content preparation, realisation and presentation.

Parallelly KODA MODRO takes care of theoretical framework with scientific and research inititiatives regarding mentioned topics and consequently on- and off-line media publishing. It organises educational courses, workshops, symposiums, conferences, lectures, public debates and cultural and social events to raise popularity of arts, films and audio-visual contents.

Its aim is to cover each step in the production process and with inclusion of its branches in many countries and international partners it’s creating and supporting active network in the domains of arts, films and audio-visual projects.