In the picturesque city of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, our valued partners, Koda Modro, organized a remarkable Multiplier Event that was nothing short of inspirational. This unique event, attended by enthusiastic participants, seamlessly blended the world of education with the soul-stirring magic of a musical performance.

Koda Modro’s Multiplier Event was driven by presentation of a set of project results that underscored their commitment to innovative education and artistic expression:

  1. Review and Analysis of Educational Resources: The event began by unveiling the outcomes of their project, including an insightful review and analysis of existing educational resources. Participants were given a deeper understanding of the current educational landscape, setting the stage for excellence.
  2. Methodology for Knowledge Transfer: Koda Modro proudly presented a meticulously designed methodology for knowledge transfer. This comprehensive guide emphasized clarity and coherence, serving as a roadmap for effective learning.
  3. Assignment of Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Software: A pivotal part of the event was dedicated to the assignment of OERs and software. These tools were introduced as powerful assets for enriching the learning experience, empowering participants to harness their potential to the fullest.
  4. Training Modules and OERs Database: The event celebrated the launch of training modules and an OERs pilot database, offering a wealth of educational resources. Over six live events, a total of 36 tutorials were presented, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning experience.
  5. Software Development for Adult Learners: Koda Modro introduced a specialized toolset tailored to adult learners. This toolset aimed to bridge generational gaps in education, ensuring that learning remains accessible and engaging for learners of all ages.
  6. Software Toolset for Trainers: The event featured a dedicated toolset designed to empower trainers specializing in audio-visual (AV) and creative skills. This resource promised to redefine the way trainers conveyed knowledge, fostering a more interactive and dynamic learning environment.
  7. Musical Performance: Adding a unique and unforgettable dimension to the event, Koda Modro’s Multiplier Event combined education with a mesmerizing musical performance. The harmonious blend of art and learning was a testament to the creativity and innovation at the heart of the event.

Koda Modro’s Multiplier Event was a transformative experience, leaving a profound impact on the 20 participants who attended. The event’s innovative approach to education and art was met with high acclaim, and it sparked inspiration and creativity in all who were present.

The review and analysis of educational resources set the stage for better quality learning materials, and the presented methodology for knowledge transfer guided participants toward a more effective and coherent learning process.

The introduction of a rich array of training modules, OERs, and software empowered participants to explore new horizons and develop essential skills. The specially developed toolset for adult learners ensured that knowledge remained accessible to everyone, regardless of age.

The dedicated toolset for trainers in audio-visual and creative skills was a game-changer, fostering a more interactive and engaging teaching and learning environment.

The musical performance that accompanied the event added a soulful and artistic touch to the educational journey, demonstrating the power of combining education with the magic of music.

Koda Modro’s Multiplier Event in Nova Gorica was a testament to the power of innovative education and artistic expression. By focusing on their objectives of reviewing educational resources, providing clear methodologies, developing crucial tools and resources, and merging learning with music, Koda Modro has set the stage for a brighter future in the field of education and artistic expression.

The event’s success and high praise from the 20 participants affirm the value of this holistic approach to learning and art. Koda Modro’s dedication to improving education and fostering creativity through innovative methods promises a brighter future for all who seek to learn and be inspired through music and education.

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