Intellectual Outputs

The project includes a total of six Intellectual Outputs cross-cutting the fields of culture, technical skills and education.

Review and analysis of existing educational resources, and shortlisting

The output will provide a deep research on the existing training practices and educational resources among the project partnership, its network of peers and on the general available online resources.

Methodology for coherence and transfer of knowledge and Assignment for OERs and software

The Methodology will provide guidelines for elaboration and maintaining a process to gather, customise, standardise, contextualise, adapt technologically and upload available training materials from the cultural operators, participating in the project and on long term

Training modules and OERs–pilot database, tutorials.

The development of the theoretical and written data-base of the Creative Hub will meet the need to gather all existing written materials within the project partnership educational resources.

Software development of adult learners toolset

The Creative Hub OERs platform will meet the needs of the learners in the field of AV and creative sector to upskill and continually upgrade their knowledge level. It will gather the existing knowledge in the field and will provide open and interactive possibilities to the learners.

Software development of a toolset for trainers in AV and creative skills

The target groups who will be addressed by the current Intellectual output are the professional trainers in the AV and creative sector, the cultural operators senior employees who are onboarding the newcomers and the juniors, as well as all trainers hired by the cultural industry educational providers.

Creation of European network for audio-visual and creative skills

Creation of European European network for audio-visual and creative skills is an ultimate goal of the project partnership, not only because we want to ensure the sustainability and multiplication of project results achieved, but also to provide cross-border expertise without which such pan-European innovation can not be released at all.

Creative Hub Project Calendar of Events and Meetings

Project Participants

The partnership is consisted of a total of seven partners from a total of five EU countries. The project participants are selected among other organisations across Europe, based on their cultural, innovative and educational background.


News about the project progress