The Creative Hub OERs platform will meet the needs of the learners in the field of AV and creative sector to upskill and continually upgrade their knowledge level. It will gather the existing knowledge in the field and will provide open and interactive possibilities to the learners. The software toolkit for adult learners will allow them to use and interact easily with the OERs database and tutorials. The learners (cultural sector employeees and unemployed) will have a structured access to the training modules, which are gathered and developed under the previous outputs. The learners will have access to meta information of the training resource like date of upload, ownership and copyrights information, type of resource, applicable AV and creative sphere, rating of the resource. The learners themselves will have tool like:

  1. Member area with learners information and status – personal and professional data with respective access level.
  2. Subscription to modules and timeline of the training held. Each course will have a timeframe for passing and the learners will be prompted to stay inline with the training process.
  3. Testing and exercising tool – there will be exercises and test elaborated for verification of the knowledge within the timeline of the module.
  4. Tool for bookmarking, discussion within a closed group online chat with the tutor (when the training is provided in a live mode)
  5. Private messaging and members communication.

The tools of the Creative Hub will provide the learners with user friendly e-learning platform with open educational resources, and will support the project participants in several ways. The employers efforts in training newly hired staff and for upskilling their employees will be supported through providing on-the-job virtual training. This will result in saving time and money for all. The learners themselves will also have the options for distant learning and upgrading their skills. On the other hand, the unemployed adults from the disadvantaged groups will have better access to training through the user-friendly environment of the platform. The national employment agencies themselves, whenever leading trainings for the low-skilled, will have a simple, yet advanced training tool to offer for its target groups.