The target groups who will be addressed by the current Intellectual output are the professional trainers in the AV and creative sector, the cultural operators senior employees who are onboarding the newcomers and the juniors, as well as all trainers hired by the cultural industry educational providers. They will all be having all necessary theoretical and practical educational resources on one place in a structured and easy to access and use way. They will have a tool for onboarding newcomers to the organizations, and thus will save time and money.

The trainers toolset will consist of several main features:

  1. Member area with trainers information, training institution or employer – personal and professional data with respective access level.
  2. Adaptation of existing modules in accordance to the trainers needs and specific training activities. Adaptation may be possible for the timeframe, add-ons of theory and practice, adding tutorials, etc. 
  3. Adaptation of testing and exercising tool–in accordance to the trainers needs and specific training activities.
  4. Tool for bookmarking, discussion within a closed group of learners and/or trainers, online chat with the learners and students (when the training is provided in a live mode)
  5. Private messaging and members communication.

It is also an option for all registered trainers to upload their own training materials and make them available for all and/or restrict their access among specific training group. The trainers toolset will provide to the specified target groups valuable instruments for provision of high-quality and user friendly online training and e-resources. The AV and creative sector will highly benefit from this, as it will support their efforts to upskill their employees, to provide continuous training and to onboard. The employment agencies will benefit from the tool, as they will have adequate instruments for provision of more opportunities and access to the disadvantaged groups of unemployed.